1. Running, 2009

    Ashley Walters


    Janetta Deppa

    This photo invoked the notion of what is really play versus a lived reality.  It is interesting as it simultaneously invokes the notion that the child is playing, because he is running.  However to me it also questions whether we simply see a child and assume that it is playful, or whether there is more going on in this image than we immediately assume.

  2. Hassan Hajjaj Source: http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/african%20photography?before=1366975052 

    Jess Johnson


  3. Interview with Zwelethu Mthethwa


    This may be just an interesting read or helpful for curations. 

    Jess Johnson

  4. amultitudeintransportsofjoy:

    “Money can buy a bed but not sleep” - Alioune Bâ, 2008

    Jess Johnson

  5. Installation by Zanele Muholi Available from http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/zanele%20muholi 

    Jess Johnson

  6. Photographer Zanele Muholi “Miss D’vine I,” 2007.

    Available and reblogged from http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/zanele%20muholi 

    Jess Johnson

  7. Bob Gosani

    Bordone, Paris (1500-1571) The Venetian Lovers
  9. The Three Jazzolomos in The Fifties People of South Africa- A Bailey’s African Photo Archives Production

    Saxophonist Dexter Gordon photographed by Herman Leonard in 1948


  10. Women in Sophiatown, Bob Gosani

    Harlem 1927